A Thirsk Counsellor Abroad – Day 1

A different perspective

Change is all around us on a daily basis. We often find ourselves faced with change and for some people it is an opportunity to embrace the new, begin an adventure and enter into who knows what.

Yet for some people, change brings the unknown which brings anxieties and stressors.

Change comes in many different guises, with promises of untold joys and riches. The new job, the new school, the new house, the new neighbour, the new holiday, the list goes on.

Having control over what happens in our life is a great comfort. However this not always the case. As I seem to effortlessly glide across a blue skies and cloud carpeted terrain. I’m aware that this is all new to me. The whole family holiday abroad was never something we never did when I was younger.

Change for me brings it share of anxieties, things are out of my control, I’m thrust onto a steel tube with strangers for over 4 hours. In cramped conditions (certainly not the right conditions) and now we sit waiting to arrive in another country. It is a great opportunity to stop and not speak, to stare out the window at an ever changing landscape beneath me. The excitement in my daughter has been palpable, she currently swaps between doodling and window watching.

This is all change for her too. Change is something that we as a family do not wholeheartedly embrace.

As a counsellor, I try to offer the right conditions for clients to look at the change in their lives. It can be a unique opportunity for clients. As a way of embracing change , we can openly challenge and encourage clients through this process. This process of letting go can be so ingrained that we feel it easier to sit with uncomfortable feeling and degrade our experience. It takes practice. Being willing to travel to new and interesting places. As someone who openly finds change difficult’. This is in fact an opportunity to see a new country, see another culture and language.

The plane rattled a little through turbulence as our direction changed. Bringing us ever closer to our destination where awaits these new languages, a new currency, new tastes, new scenery.

We become so accustomed to our horizon, our view and it’s familiarity. That we take it for granted. Stop noticing its nuances and it’s gifts. Perhaps clients can become like that for therapists, perhaps visa versa too. The saying familiarity breeds contempt. Perhaps that is why a retreat, sebattical, break, are all good. To get away from… to have a break from… the norm? A change is as good as a rest!

So I guess change, if anything is the opportunity to break from your norm, to embrace something new only to return at some point with a fresh appreciation for where you are at.

Sincerely Yours,

A Thirsk Counsellor… Abroad

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