seeking space

This poppy found it”s own space.

I’ve often shied away from people. I guess I find it ironic that I try to seek out secluded space for myself to get away from people, yet my job involves communication and interaction.

I like to find secluded spots, I’m fascinated by space and often find myself wanting to live in that isolated farm we all to often see slap bang in the middle of nowhere. Its seclusion appeals to me. Space and quiet are my yearning. I find towns and cities overpowering, intrusive. I like small gardens that are quiet and private.

I have an urge to be away from concrete surrounding everyday. I find them cold and austere, dull and bleak. Give me a winding path into a covered wood any day.

Thankfully I live in North Yorkshire where that space is Abu can’t, and within that space there are pockets of unusualness. Such as a lake in the middle of a wood. Left over from the ice age it is both beautiful and eerie.

Yet even here, far away from the cotton mill town where I grew up. Complexes are being built for industry and for housing. A new sports village is going to take away my favourite dog walking field, next to a residential home with a huge paved patio area, that seems so wasteful of greenery. It is space like this that I find so disheartening, yet today, amidst these perfectly laved slabs, a single poppy has found its space to grow and thrive.

Space allows us to grow within our environment. I try to spend time with my family creating our own environment that is conducive to our growth. Here in my small garden I can see the half full bird feeders and here fledglings nesting in our roof. We have to make or find our space in order to grow and thrive like the poppy.

Counselling is all about space, about giving the client space to explore, about the client finding that time is for them, it is there’s space to do with as they wish.

In a world that has become increasingly smaller with the internet and globalisation and 24hour streaming news, our space is rapidly reducing.

I find solace in quiet times, I seek them out as often now as I avoid them, I struggle with quiet, yet it is in that quiet, by a pond, in a wood, sitting in a yard by candlelight that I’m most able to feel relaxed. To know that this time, this space is for me to do with as I wish.

Sometimes we have to decide to make a space ours, like the poppy that decided to grow in a small crack and bring beauty to a bland place. If we can find space in our day to take notice of the poppy growing in the cracks, then maybe can find that much needed space in our heads and allow our imagination to be ignited and maybe we can start to make the world seem vast again.

Sincerely yours,

A Thirsk Counsellor

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